Industrial solutions

Metinvest Digital develops, implements solutions for industrial automation, automation of production and business processes of organizations throughout the value chain: processes, technologies, end users.

Build and support:

  • IIoT Platforms at Industrial Internet of Things
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Expert systems in the management of production processes
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair Systems
  • Systems of control and accounting of energy resources of industrial enterprises
  • Production Dispatch Systems (SCADA) 
  • Industrial video surveillance systems and video analytics
  • Industrial Solutions Using Drones / UAVs
  • Logistic management systems for railway transport
  • Occupational Safety and Health Solutions (HSE)
  • Technology Industry 4.0 Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Networks (ASA, FirePOWER, REP, VRF, ACL, EIGRP)
  • Industrial Automation Modules SAP Industrial Modules Level Systems L0-L1 based on PLC with digital interfaces

Implementation of an industrial video surveillance system
Implementation of electronic workflow in sales
Improving the information security of Automated Process Control System (APCS)
Development and implementation of an information dispatch system for railway transport
Equipment Maintenance Management — SAP MRS and SAP Work Manager

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