Metinvest Digital transferred Metinvest Group overseas assets to Microsoft Azure cloud

Metinvest Digital transferred all the foreign assets of the Metinvest Group to the Microsoft Azure cloud: UnitedCoal Company (USA), Ferriera Valsider (Italy), Metinvest Trametal (Italy), Promet Steel (Bulgaria), Spartan (Great Britain), Metinvest International SA (Switzerland)

Thanks to the migration, the company centralized the IT services of foreign assets to the target use model, increased the manageability of the services provided, reduced the costs of their support and ensured uniform information security mechanisms.

The data migration was carried out in full compliance with the European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the general personal data protection regulation adopted in the European Union. Previously, the assets used different products and data storage and backup systems. After migration to Microsoft Azure, data is backed up on a single cloud. The system provides the ability to develop, deploy and manage applications in the cloud, as well as store data on servers located in distributed data centers.

 In addition to cost savings, centralization of services will allow to further implement standardization of the provision of IT services in accordance with the unified standards of the Metinvest Group. Provided fault tolerance (availability) of services at the level of 99.95%.

The migration of foreign assets was the first stage of the project to migrate the entire Metinvest Group IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and transfer them to IaaS format. Moving to the cloud has many benefits — from increased productivity to lower costs. At the same time, the transition to the cloud requires a detailed plan and its precise implementation.