Visualization of operational reports — MS Power BI


Introduce a single solution to collect and display operational indicators of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in terms of production, maintenance and repairs, logistics, procurement, investment, finance, quality, and sales.



  • Microsoft Power BI – a business intelligence tool that enables you to create dynamic dashboards and interactive reports, visualize and analyze large amounts of data from different sources


Previously, data on key performance indicators of the enterprise were prepared by separate functional units; there was no single source of information on operational indicators. All this created inconvenience in making management decisions by management. During the project, the integration of information from SAP systems into the Microsoft Power BI business intelligence program was provided, where they are visualized on dashboards and updated daily.



  • A single source of reliable information on production and business indicators is created

  • Less time is required for processing, consolidating and submitting information to managers

  • Management decision making is speeded up.