Microsoft presented research about remote work

The company presented the results of the first annual research Work Trend Index 2021, entitled 'Hybrid work is the next big change. Are we ready?’ The main goal is to investigate the impact of the pandemic on the labor market.

The results of the study showed how much the role of remote work has increased.

73% of those surveyed want to continue working in a flexible format. 

On LinkedIn only the advertisements of remote job have more than quintupled during the pandemic.

More than 40% of workers around the world are considering changing employers this year, and almost half are planning to relocate as it is now possible to work remotely.

Almost half of the respondents noted that they feel more comfortable and give themselves more to work compared to the period before the pandemic. 

Among the advantages of telecommuting is that this format will allow you to recruit talent from all over the world. But at the same time, employers need to think about how to tackle the problem of shrinking working communication that threatens innovation.

After analyzing the results, the report lists of five areas that you need to pay attention to when organizing hybrid work: 

Invest in space and technology to combine the possibilities of the physical and digital world. 

Prioritize the fight against employee digital burnout. 

Create an employee empowerment plan for greater flexibility. 

Prioritize the restructuring of social capital and culture. 

Reimagine the way people interact with people to improve competitiveness and attract the best employees.

More than 30,000 people from 31 countries took part in the Work Trend Index 2021 survey, as well as a trillion combined data from Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn’s users.

You can view the report by the link.