Webinar: How Metinvest Is Using AI, Data & Automation to Improve Employee Experience

Artificial intelligence, Big Data and Automation against routine processes or how Metinvest uses the latest technologies to develop the Shared Service Centre. Julia Dankova, Stanislav Tiron, Oksana Zaremba, and Aleksey Reshetnyak hosted a webinar “How Metinvest Is Using AI, RPA, Data Automation to Improve Employee Experience” and shared the results.


Metinvest Shared Service Centre processes more than 650 thousand transactions per month for the Group’s enterprises. Unfortunately, many of them are of a routine nature, and it takes much time for the employees to handle them. Therefore, the main challenge for the business is to understand what processes and operations consume more resources and need to be optimized. How to understand what needs to be done, what information needs to be collected and how and, most importantly, how to review it correctly to result in an effective improvement plan for practical application?


The above issues are addressed by the Finance Directorate of  Metinvest Group, Metinvest Business Service jointly with experts from Metinvest Digital and FortressIQ as part of the project aimed at process in-depth analysis. Using artificial intelligence, robotic automation of business processes, big data collection and analysis, the team selected 19 business processes in HR and finance, collected and analyzed the structured data array from more than 10 million actions of employees. Such an in-depth analysis helped visualize and identify “bottlenecks” in each considered process for their further automation, namely 56 focus areas for efficiency improvement. The potential saving of time spent by the employees of the Shared Service Centre may reach 130 thousand hours per year, and employees’ routine operations may potentially decrease 1.5 million per year.


The recorded webinar is available