Client Software Service Manager

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Candidate Requirements

  • Formation of strategic and tactical plans for the development of the service, the study of best practices for the service, new products and technologies that contribute to the development of the service.
  • Initiation of requests for the development of the service, conducting an initial analysis and evaluation of ideas, participation in the formation of business requirements.

  • Prioritization of tasks to resource centers and monitoring the implementation of changes in the serviced service.

  • Planning, control, development of the operational and investment budget for the service.
  • Calculation, cost control of the service, preparation of measures for its optimization.

  • Preparation of presentation materials, negotiating with existing and potential business customers.

  • Team responsibility for SLA and Satisfaction in the services that make up the IT service, problem solving for services.

  • Responsibility for client software licensing issues, selection of optimal licensing plans, reducing the cost of service.

  • Responsibility for the smooth operation of services in the direction of client software.
  • Responsibility for coordination and control over the implementation of client software service development projects.

  • Monitoring IT services of client software to reduce the likelihood of a denial of service.

  • Responsibility for the integration of client software with existing services and among themselves.

  • Responsibility for versioning and timely updating of used client software.

  • Responsibility for the state and content of the corporate software center.

  • Collaboration with key specialists of access departments, servers, software throughout the group.

  • Experience with software-based IT services, understanding the architecture of their construction.
  • MS Office 365, CAD, Geographic Information Systems, Adobe Graphics, Liga-Zakon, M.e.DOC, AKR-2, MD Office, TM Kara, TM Sals, SMS, Acrobat, Leonorm info, Trassir, Milestone, ThinkCell, SKF, etc.

  • Understanding the means and methods of delivering client software to the end user in the corporate segment.

  • Experience with reporting MS SCCM, MS SCOM.

  • Knowledge of how to collect various metrics for using client software.

  • Knowledge of ways to monitor the availability of client software and build fault-tolerant work schemes.

  • Ability to work with design and technical documentation.

  • Understanding of the main processes for the provision of IT services.
  • Knowledge of the software and hardware fleet of leading world manufacturers.

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft infrastructure services and how they interact (AD, GPO, System Center Datacenter, etc.).

  • General understanding of the functional types of SAP systems, the integration of modules and system components.

  • Knowledge of the library of information technology infrastructure (ITIL).

  • Knowledge of the basic concepts and rules in the field of information security.

  • Technical English — reading documentation, maintaining correspondence with English-speaking colleagues on technical and economic issues.
  • An experienced user of the MS Office software package, the ability to prepare high-quality presentation material.

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