ITSM Development Manager (Micro Focus SM version 9)

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Candidate Requirements


  • Staff training and staff recruitment.
  • Setting goals and monitoring staff (KPI)
  • Setting goals for staff development.
  • Analysis of failures in systems and tasks, development of a proposal for designers on making changes and additions, developing systems

  • Preparation of design plans and implementation of automated systems and monitoring of their implementation, task setting, their algorithmization, organizational, informational and technical support of all subsystems, use and implementation of standard design solutions

  • Participation in integration projects of new Assets.
  • Resource Control.
  • Certification and control of system documentation.
  • Participation in product development and changes.
  • Development of reporting and a single base for training users of information IT systems.

  • Formation of a product knowledge base.
  • Formation of the ITSM support department.


  • Experience in implementing projects for the implementation and replication of Micro Focus SM version 9. and higher.
  • Understanding and experience of deploying / maintaining Micro Focus SM system version 9. and higher.
  • Experience updating the system (Micro Focus SM version 9.) and above (customized system).

  • Knowledge of the architecture and scaling principles of Micro Focus SM 9.5 and higher.

  • Experience in development, configuration, understanding of the structure and principles of internal processes Micro Focus SM 9.5. RAD and JavaScript languages.

  • Knowledge of SQL.
  • Configuring integrations using Connect-IT, RESTFul API
  • Experience configuring Apache Tomcat, Apache, IIS

  • Experience in the preparation of process and regulatory documentation on IT processes and the Micro Focus SM system version 9. and higher.

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