Equipment Maintenance Management — SAP MRS and SAP Work Manager


Implement a predictive equipment maintenance system using SAP Multi Resource Scheduling and SAP Work Manager in four shops of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol (Pulverized Coal Injection Plant, Basic-Oxygen Furnace Shop, 1700 Hot Strip Mill and 300 Plate Mill).


sets of equipment

for data transfer via Wi-Fi



Zebra TC-70 complete with charger used for the project


 less time

is required for works

3 K

RFID tags

attached to equipment



  • SAP MRS – (Multi Resource Scheduling) – solution to manage maintenance and repair processes

  • SAP Work Manager – application for equipment diagnostics, maintenance and repair using mobile devices



SAP MRS, SAP Work Manager and Zebra mobile terminals were used during the project execution. Special mobile devices are used for technical inspection of equipment from receiving shift tasks through to recording results of inspections. 


Employees use them to get registered on RFID tags attached to facilities. Parameters that need to be checked are displayed on the screen and information about their state needs to be entered. The system enables each specialist to plan technical inspection of production facilities and receive more accurate information about equipment condition.


The enterprise has more than 55,000 equipment condition control points in total. They are all checked and recorded in SAP. In earlier times, employees collected data on paper during walk-around. They were then entered into SAP, thus resulting in poorer quality, incomplete and irrelevant data.


  • Equipment downtime is reduced by 3-5% thanks to early detection of problems

  • Labour intensity of works is reduced by more than 60%

  • 27% less time is required for maintenance and repair

  • Complete and accurate information on equipment condition is provided.