Internship program for young lawyers - "First Experience" in Metinvest Group

Very often we hear that the theory that we acquire at the university is not always a solid basis for real working conditions. Now, in order for students to find their first job, they already need a lot of practical experience. After all, not all employers are ready to invest their time and resources for the development and training of young people.

Every year Metinvest organizes an internship program for novice lawyers - First Experience, which provides an opportunity to gain professional experience in large business projects.

An internship is a unique opportunity to develop skills that will be useful in any area of ​​activity in a competitive and dynamic labor market. Among them are critical thinking, the development of emotional and social intelligence, project management, teamwork, communications, time management, the ability to process a large amount of information and work remotely. Young people become more self-confident, learn to take initiative and take responsibility more often.

Participation in the internship provides for a competitive selection of talented students and graduates of specialized educational institutions. Over the course of 7 weeks, interns delve into the various work processes of legal directorates - from interviews to defending a team project. This year, taking into account the quarantine, the stages of selection, enrollment in the program and the beginning of the internship took place remotely.

At the end of August, the defense of working projects took place, on which the teams of interns worked together with their supervisors for 7 weeks. Yulia Sidorets became the curator from Metinvest Digital.

We talked with one of the graduates of the internship, Yulia Oleschenko, who willingly shared several insights:
– Realistically determining your time and opportunities is very important!
– Setting priorities clearly is still a working framework for meeting deadlines.
– Online communication is not a barrier. We have Teams, which contains great functionality for organizing successful teamwork.
– Continuous work on oneself, learning, flexibility and adaptability are the necessary qualities in order to always stay “afloat”.
– Openness, sociability, active interaction, distribution of responsibilities are the key to effective teamwork, even at a distance.

We congratulate the young people on the successful completion of the internship and wish them conquering new professional and personal heights!