Building a Unified Communications System


11,7 млн


total duration of phone calls

4 200

video conferences 


40 000

of employees 

connected to Unified Communications

Merge all

communication channels


into a single system


Metinvest Group was faced with the need to build a unified telecommunication system at all enterprises. Many assets located in different countries, the diversity and heterogeneity of their telecommunication systems have created a number of communication tasks, namely:

  • ensure infrastructural compatibility of technologies and simplify the processes of operational meetings, presentations, conferences, meetings of working groups and project teams

  • increase the speed of managerial and production decisions

  • to increase the level of information security of the system, regardless of the number of heterogeneous systems integrated into it, to ensure operational centralized management of information and cybersecurity 

  • issues reduce the cost of supporting technologically fragmented communication systems that require interaction with a large number of vendors 

  • reduce the time for the integration of new enterprises in the communication system of the company

  • increase employee mobility


Thanks to the centralization of the communication infrastructure, Metinvest was able to significantly reduce transaction costs on assets (OPEX). At the same time, the Group combined Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 365, the usual communication tools for employees, both for voice and video communications, as well as for organizing online conferences regardless of the geographical location of employees. This was made possible due to the fact that the Unified Communications (UC) platform implements integration with Microsoft architectural solutions.

Another interesting feature of the implemented Unified Communications solution is that employees can turn their landline phone into a videophone simply by connecting it to a computer with a webcam. The company introduced a technology with which any phone, smartphone, laptop, or meeting room equipment can be turned into an employee’s mobile workplace. Thanks to this functionality, to organize a meeting or meeting, employees do not need to look for meeting rooms and gather in one place.

Metinvest Digital and Cisco have created a unified communications system that can be scaled quickly. Infrastructure is managed by only two administrators from the same office. And this despite the fact that the system includes more than 30 enterprises in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.



Unified Communications uses a lot of solutions:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence
  • Cisco Expressway (Mobile Remote Access, B2B calls)
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center
  • Cisco Finesse
  • Cisco MediaSense
  • Cisco Video Conferencing
  • Cisco Meeting Server
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU MSE
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Extension for Microsoft Exchange
  • Cisco Intelligent Proximity
  • Cisco Collaboration Endpoints
  • Cisco IP Phones (audio/video)
  • Video Collaboration Room Endpoints
  • Cisco Cisco Jabber
  • Cisco Voice Gateway
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration


Unification and centralization of the communication function on the Unified Communications platform allowed Metinvest Digital to increase the speed of scaling of communication solutions. The management of local area networks and unified communications was divided. Thanks to this focus on specific issues, IT has made significant progress in the development of its infrastructure, changing its architecture, changing the approach to connections, creating opportunities for horizontal scaling and development of the system.

As a result, user satisfaction with the services provided and the speed of decision-making have grown.