Features of organization a labor protection in an IT company

Metinvest Digital, as an IT partner, serves large industrial enterprises where ensuring and complying with all safety regulations is a top priority that requires constant monitoring. We talked with the manager of labor protection Metinvest Digital, Alexander Zavarzin about the specifics of organizing labor protection in an IT company.

Each enterprise with which our company works has its own requirements for labor protection. For our part, we must ensure both the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the internal standards of organizations. Metinvest Digital works with industries that often have a high degree of risk in the workplace. Therefore, each employee undergoes training and testing of knowledge on labor protection in a timely manner, and specialists working directly at the production facilities use personal protective equipment without fail.

One of the important components of the functioning of the labor protection system at Metinvest Digital is the compliance of the work of our specialists with all the requirements and criteria of customers. If employees of an enterprise must use protective equipment and wear protective clothing while working, our employees adhere to these very requirements. Strict adherence to the rules allows the formation of a preventive labor protection culture within the company.

The correct approach to the organization of labor protection in production provides workers with a sense of stability, protection of their rights and interests, and attention from management. A well-functioning labor protection system also reduces staff turnover, which has a positive effect on the stability of enterprises.

In our IT company, we are building a modern, non-classical occupational safety model based on a risk-based approach. The aim of this approach is to introduce measures that contribute to the improvement in the field of occupational safety and health, that is, measures of a preventive nature. First, we study and assess potential occupational risks, this allows us to promptly introduce preventive measures to prevent industrial injuries.

In our daily work on health and safety, we use digital tools that allow us to save time and increase efficiency. Thanks to the Office 365 solution, we are able to conduct briefings remotely, promptly collect and analyze information, automate routine processes, which significantly increases the efficiency of health and safety business processes.