Cloud Solutions for Business: Flexibility and Adaptability. Metinvest Digital Case

Being a Microsoft Partner means not only a status, but also a confirmation of international qualifications of our specialists and high quality of services.


As a modern, high-tech company, we are always happy to share our knowledge and results of the implementation of innovative solutions based on Microsoft tools. Vast technical expertise of Metinvest Digital helps our clients achieve success on the way towards digital transformation both in Ukraine and at the international marketplace.


At Microsoft’s invitation, Metinvest Digital took part in the virtual conference Microsoft Days: REIMAGINE BUSINESS that brought together representatives of large Kazakh business from various industries.


Nelya Uss, Chief Marketing Officer at Metinvest Digital, spoke about our experience in innovative projects and their effectiveness for business. One of such examples was the recent, large-scale migration of the entire Metinvest IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to make it possible to:

— Save more than $3 million on CapEx & OpEx;

— Respond faster to business needs for deploying new systems and services;

— Ensure business continuity on production sites;

— Provide a high level of information security.

She also noted that in VUCA world for business, regardless of sector or industry, it is extremely important to have and adhere to a clear IT strategy. After all, it is impossible to foresee all potential crisis situations; however, it is always necessary to have a development plan both at the strategic and operational levels. If business has its own IT strategy, systematically implements and adheres to it, it is the business that will drive digital transformation and not COVID-19.