New office reality

More and more companies are wondering about the future format of organizing the work of their employees. So, a recent Gartner survey says that 82% of company executives plan to allow staff to continue working remotely. Of these, 47% intend to switch to permanent remote mode, and 43% – to introduce a flexible format that combines office-remote approach.

Metinvest Digital is in the vortex of world trends and is not afraid to experiment. We are now gradually returning to offices and introducing remote, office and flexible working hours. Even after the quarantine is over, all our employees will still be able to work remotely. Except for those whose specific work requires a physical presence in the office. Also in our new format, we are introducing flexible jobs, and only for those employees who are constantly in the office, they will be fixed.

We believe that the new approach will make the workflow as convenient and efficient as possible, both for the company and for employees.