Head of Business Services and Cross-Functional Services Department

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  • Responsible for the development, updating and implementation of the strategy for the development of services for business areas: Logistics, Production, Finance, Purchasing, Sales, HR and others on target platforms SAP, Microsoft, 1C;
  • Responsible for the timely and high-quality implementation of a portfolio of improvements to business applications aimed at adapting services in accordance with the company's business goals;
  • Responsible for scaling services for both current and new customers;
  • Responsible for the constant reduction in the cost of services;
  • Responsible for planning, mastering, adjusting budgets for services in the context of OPEX / CAPEX;
  • Responsible for the quality of the provision of current services to clients (SLA, CSI);
  • Responsible for the formation and development of partnerships;
  • Lead the work of the department, be responsible for the quality of work and the development of the unit.


  • Experience of at least 7 years in the management and development of a portfolio of IT services for large enterprises;
  • Experience in team management and building functional interaction with other departments;
  • Experience in quality control of the services provided and in reducing their cost;
  • Experience in the development of ERP and MES systems in the roles of a project manager, a manager for the development of processes / systems, a competence center (preferably in the mining and metallurgical sector);
  • Knowledge of methods for building a portfolio of company services, quality control of services provided, their development, positioning, cost calculation and its optimization;
  • Knowledge and practical experience in applying standards and best practices in the following areas: management, continuous improvement of business processes, project management, change management, software life cycle, asset management, supply chains, financial and management reporting;
  • Knowledge of the functionality and principles of processor integration of SAP platform products (ERP, APO, MDG, BW, MII, HCM, SF, EWM), 1C, Oracle;
  • Understanding the formation of the cost of IT services, calculating TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Experience in organizing and conducting reference visits to exchange experience in building and automating business processes;
  • Knowledge of modern trends in the development of information technology (Robotic Process Automation, Data Lake Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis);
  • Knowledge of ITIL practices and approaches to IT service management; 
  • Knowledge of the basics of mining, metallurgy, coke - chemical production;
  • Knowledge of the methodological foundations of project management;
  • Knowledge of notations for building and modeling business processes;
  • Knowledge of methods for calculating the feasibility of investments;
  • Knowledge of the structure of the formation of the cost of products and services.
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