Migrating data to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform



Bring IT services of Metinvest Group assets in Italy, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the USA to the target model of IT infrastructure, increase the manageability of services, reduce the costs of their operation and support, as well as provide common information security mechanisms.



migrated to the cloud





ensured of 

IT service resiliency


per year will make estimated savings 


by reducing the cost of supporting server hardware, backup systems and leasing computing power in third-party data centers



Databases, information systems, IT services and company employee accounts of United Coal Company (USA), Ferriera Valsider (Italy), Metinvest Trametal (Italy), Promet Steel (Bulgaria), Spartan (Great Britain) migrated to the cloud infrastructure Metinvest International SA (Switzerland).

Previously assets used different storage and backup systems. After migration, the data is in a single cloud system. Microsoft Azure provides the ability to develop, deploy and manage applications in the cloud, as well as store data on servers located in distributed data centers. In addition to cost savings, centralization of services will allow for the future implementation and standardization of the provision of IT services in accordance with the corporate standards of Metinvest Group.



Microsoft Azure  Microsoft cloud platform that includes a set of cloud computing services (servers, storage, networks, software, etc.) for solving business problems.


  • 100% of the servers are transferred to the Metinvest domain and brought to the target architecture
  • 60 servers and user credentials from all Metinvest enterprises in the USA, Italy, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Switzerland (1156 employees) were transferred to the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Provided fault tolerance (availability) of services at the level of 99.95%;
  • Estimated savings due to lower support costs for server hardware, backup systems and rental of computing power in third-party data centers will be about $ 150 000 per year.
  • A unified mechanism for ensuring information security has been introduced