Metinvest Digital participated in OpenHack MC Virtual Experience

We value and support the desire of our employees to develop, understand better the business environment in which they work and use new technologies in their professional activities.

Recently, a unique three-day event for developers – OpenHack MC Containers Virtual Experience 2020 ended. The purpose of this event is to provide participants with the experience of using modern Microsoft technologies in solving practical problems. The OpenHack Task-Based Programming Project is organized by the Microsoft Commercial Software Development (CSE) team.

Igor Udovenko, Solution Development Manager, Metinvest Digital, joined one of the teams of participants in the virtual OpenHack project and shared his impressions.

“OpenHack is a Microsoft event in a special and interesting format. The participants of the event were divided into teams, which included specialists from different enterprises, as well as a curator from Microsoft. The task was as follows: we received a project of a large site that had certain functionality and, according to legend, this site was written in various programming languages. It was necessary to take this software, make sure that it works, and deploy it first in a test and then in a productive architecture, as it would be done in real conditions at a large enterprise.

Teams were asked to use container technology to deploy the site and in the process. This solution is an isolated network that is used to simplify the development, deployment, and management of applications.

All the time, a team of specialists from Microsoft worked with us, who watched our work, recommended what to pay attention to and how best to act in a given situation. We only had 3 days, during which I improved my professional skills and got incredible pleasure from working in such an interactive team environment".