Metinvest Digital earns SAP Certified Partner Status

Metinvest Digital was internationally certified and earned SAP partner status in SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba Solutions and SAP Sales Cloud.

Metinvest Digital experts have deep technical expertise and more than 10 years of experience in the implementation, development and support of the integrated SAP management systems at Metinvest Group’s enterprises. The SAP Partner status confirms the international level of company’s team qualification in consultancy on the implementation of technological solutions in the following areas:

— SAP S/4HANA - for comprehensive automation of enterprise-level business processes in finance, production, planning, cost accounting, logistics, sales, and repair management;

— SAP Ariba Solutions – to automate processes associated with supplier qualification and online procurement organization;

— SAP Sales Cloud - to automate customer interactions and sales management.

Sergey Detyuk, CIO of Metinvest and CEO of Metinvest Digital:

Our experience in the implementation and integration of SAP systems at Metinvest Group’s enterprises is unique in terms of their scope and scale not only for Ukraine, but for Central and Eastern Europe. Our projects were internationally recognized many times. Thanks to cooperation with SAP, Metinvest Digital automated the Group's business processes in practically all areas of operations. We implemented and now effectively support 17 SAP systems, in which more than 23,000 Metinvest employees work. Between 2018 and 2019, the economic effect of the automation of production and business processes at Metinvest Group’s enterprises was at the level of several tens of millions of dollars. SAP Partner status is a natural result of our longstanding cooperation. In the future, it will help us increase the quality and effectiveness of the implementation of IT solutions based on SAP products for Metinvest and external customers.

Developing partnership with SAP, the global market leader in enterprise applications for business process automation, is one of Metinvest Digital's priority areas. The company continues certification and plans to confirm the acquisition of partner status in the HR management automation based on SAP SuccessFactors platform in 2020.”

Director of SAP Ukraine Maxim Matyash:

— The leading positions that Metinvest Group rightfully holds in the SAP Quality Awards international ratings in the Business Transformation and Innovation categories are directly dependent on the successful implementation of HR management projects based on SAP SuccessFactors and the migration of the entire array of business applications at Metinvest Group (138 different SAP subsystems) to the SAP HEC cloud infrastructure. These examples are just the “top of the iceberg” of the experience and expertise that the internal IT team has gained during the use of innovative SAP tools. They help the Group’s business units respond flexibly and efficiently to market challenges and implement the most daring and progressive scenarios for the organization and management of key business processes at Metinvest. The following projects should also be noted: Metinvest Group's innovative projects aiming to implement a procurement system based on SAP Ariba and SAP Innovation Management to optimize the employee proposals and ideas processing, as well as other important projects. Spinning off Metivest Group’s IT Function and transforming it into a standalone company Metinvest Digital expands areas for the application of innovative expertise of the new company as a full-fledged SAP partner within Metinvest Group and outside it. We observe the increased customer demand for innovative experience in Ukraine and most of Eastern and Western Europe. Therefore, we are optimistic about the possibilities for the application of team's expertise. Furthermore, we highly appreciate potential for the development of partnership with Metinvest Digital in a wide geographic and functional spectrum of SAP technologies.

Metinvest Group is the largest SAP customer in Ukraine. In 2014, Metinvest received primary SAP customer center of expertise certification. In 2017, it received advanced certification, making it the first company in Ukraine, the fourth company in the CIS and one of the top 50 global companies certified at this level.”