Networking Service Manager

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  • A unique opportunity to be an innovator in the implementation of information technologies in the industrial sector of Ukraine.
  • Acquiring the skill of performing complex tasks within one large product.
  • Interaction with a strong, proactive, open-minded team.
  • Opportunity to implement your proposals and innovations.
  • Work support, accompaniment and 1-to-1 meetings with the manager.
  • The ability to organize training or trainings within the company to transfer experience to your team.
  • Participation in workshops and trainings within the company, specialized conferences.
  • Participation in competitions within the company to identify and implement creative initiatives.


  • Responsible for providing enterprise users with IT services in accordance with the approved IT service catalog
  • Responsible for initiating projects and managing ideas for the Enterprise
  • Responsible for maintaining contracts, invoicing and acts for the provision of IT services and the sale of goods and materials at the Enterprise
  • Responsible for the implementation of a functional IT program, IT investment projects
  • Responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out maintenance and repairs of computer equipment, printing and duplicating and network equipment


  • Competence in organizing and maintaining network infrastructure at the Enterprise.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of network architectures, Cisco network equipment line, xDSL technologies and wireless technologies.
  • Deep knowledge of the principles of network routing and the protocols used.
  • Deep knowledge of the principles of building structured cabling systems (SCS) and features for office space and industrial sites.
  • Knowledge of the principles of building IoT systems, and the protocols used.
  • Practical experience in the implementation, maintenance and / or administration of the network infrastructure of large enterprises.
  • Confident knowledge of SD-WAN, SD-Branch building mechanisms.
  • Experience in implementing infrastructure IT projects, organizing project activities, team management.
  • Completed projects to optimize the costs of purchasing services for the maintenance of the network infrastructure.
  • Understanding of the structure and principles of network security based on Cisco solutions.
  • Ability to prepare and conduct presentations, promote products and complex solutions.
  • Ability to monitor and report production and economic activities.
  • Ability to work with design and technical documentation.
  • Understanding of the main processes of IT service delivery.
  • Understanding the market for IT solutions and services.
  • Technical English - reading documentation, maintaining correspondence with English-speaking colleagues on technical and economic issues.
  • An experienced user of the MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio software package, the ability to prepare high-quality presentation material. CCNA / CCNP Cisco, OS Disigner R&M Freenet certifications are required.


  • Competitive salary with a flexible bonus system. 
  • Full official employment and security according to the Labor Code. 
  • Health insurance. 
  • Corporate mobile communication, which is paid for by the company. 
  • The percentage of business trips from working time is 20%. 
  • Periodic corporate events, including sports.
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