Electronic document service manager

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  •  Responsibility for the formation of strategic and tactical plans for the development of the service, the study of best practices in the service, new products and technologies that promote the development of the service
  •  Calculation, control of the cost of the service, preparation of measures for its optimization

  •  Preparation of presentation materials, negotiations with existing and potential business customers

  •  Initiation of requests for service development, initial analysis and evaluation of ideas, participation in the formation of business requirements

  •  Priority of tasks to resource centers and control of realization of changes on service

  •  Planning, control, development of operating and investment budgets for the service

  •  Team responsibility for SLA and satisfaction with the provided IT services, participation in solving problems related to services

  •  Interaction with key specialists of IT teams


  •  Complete higher technical / economic education

  •  Work experience 3 years in the Document Management, Information Technology

  •  Experience in organizing internal electronic document management in the company

  •  Experience with information systems OpenText, SAP, 1C Document management

  •  Deep understanding of the architecture of building information systems for business content management, electronic document management.

  •  Skills to work with technologies Microsoft, OpenText, SAP

  •  Experience in preparing technical tasks for automation of electronic document management and archiving processes. Experience of participation in projects on automation of electronic document circulation

  •  Practical experience in analyzing current business processes and identifying the optimal process for translation into electronic document management (EDO)

  •  Experience of interaction with the customer of IT services and decisions at various levels

  •  Understanding the basic processes of providing IT services. Knowledge of basic concepts and rules in the field of information security


  •  Competitive wages with a flexible bonus system

  •  Full official employment and security according to the Labor Code

  •  Medical Insurance

  •  Corporate mobile communication, which is paid by the company

  •  Periodic corporate events, including sports

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