Chat bot at HR

"How many days of vacation are left?", "What is the release schedule for the next month?" "And what premium did they charge me this month, and how many taxes were withheld?" Metinvest Info chatbot now helps employees with answers to these questions. He has become an indispensable assistant for HR professionals and has digitalized a number of business processes. 

Let's take a closer look at how useful a chatbot can be for automating routine HR processes.

Business situation

The General HR Service Center (hereinafter referred to as HR ZCO) accompanies thirteen Metinvest Group companies. This is 57.5 thousand workers. Every day, in addition to strategic and operational tasks, HR specialists process a huge number of typical appeals and questions of employees, such as "And when is the salary paid?", "How can I order a certificate" and so on. All this takes a lot of time.

That is why the HR service was faced with the task of increasing the efficiency of HR ZCO, automating business processes as much as possible and minimizing routine operations. A separate task was to provide access to HR ZCO services to a large number of employees whose functional responsibilities do not involve working with a computer, through mobile devices - smartphones / tablets. A chatbot was created to solve these problems.

Anatomy of a chatbot

Prior to the development of the bot, the HR service provided statistics of appeals and identified a range of frequently repeated operations that could potentially be automated. Together we have formed a pool of questions, the answers to which can help the bot. A survey of employees found out which messengers they use most often – and we developed a chatbot for them.

The bot is implemented on the Microsoft platform. Integrations with the company's internal systems are configured for data exchange – the bot receives information from the SAP system and exchanges information with HP Service Management (Service Desk). To ensure the confidentiality of information – two-factor authentication.

The chatbot works in Viber and Telegram. Among its functions:

— issuance of a settlement letter,

— informing about the number of vacation days and insurance experience,

— reminders about the schedule of vacations and outings,

— order a certificate from the place of work, a copy of the employment record book,

— opportunity to report about the hospital,

— issuance of 8 different types of income certificates,

— prompt informing about employee training, the situation with the coronavirus and events in Metinvest.

Project results

Fast and convenient service for employees. The chatbot works 24/7. On average, it takes only 2 seconds to receive a payment slip, vacation information, and an exit schedule. It is already used by almost 31 thousand employees.

Save time and reduce the burden on HR professionals. Every month the bot processes about 50 thousand requests. Employees who use it save their time and the time of HR managers.

Mobility. The phone is always at hand, which is especially convenient for employees who do not have work computers by nature.

Prompt informing. The chatbot is used to inform about staff training, the situation with the coronavirus and events at Metinvest.

Development plans 

The plans are to add even more features. For example, employees will be able to ask questions to the company's management. This is currently possible through the feedback form on the corporate portal and in the My Metinvest mobile application. But next year, this feature will also appear in the chatbot. 

Also in the near future it will be possible to immediately contact a HR specialist from the chatbot and resolve your issue in a dialogue mode. Even more convenience and accessibility in communications.