Automation of a Shared Service Centres  — HR SSC




are available to users to order in the system

3 000+

employee requests 

processed monthly in the Contact Center

На 48%

staff productivity 

was increased by HR SSC

30 000+

 employee requests 

are received through chat bots at Viber | Telegram



Automate the call management system for employees of the Shared Service Centres for HR management (HR SSC), implement a contact center on the Cisco UCC platform, Cisco Finesse.


  • Cisco Finesse — this  application used in the workplaces of contact center operators and supervisors. It provides quick access to information systems and data necessary for operators to serve customers.
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center — contact center solution that allows you to integrate applications for processing incoming and outgoing voice calls with Internet applications, including live chat, online collaboration, email and social networks
  • Cisco MediaSense – technology component that is used by system integrators in unified communications and contact center projects.

  • Micro Focus ITSM – platform for managing IT services.



HR-service needed to increase the efficiency of the general personnel service center (SSC) and automate the business process as much as possible, minimizing routine operations. The common service center is a modern model of the work of the personnel management function. SSC for employees is the quality, convenience and efficiency of the provision of HR services. And for the company a powerful tool to improve the effectiveness of the personnel management function.

A separate task was to provide access to the services of SSC employees who, by the nature of their activity, do not have working computers, through mobile devices, smartphones / tablets. During the project, Cisco, Microsoft, HPSM solutions were used. Additionally, chatbots were created in Viber and Telegram, with which you can get services and / or advice without having to contact a contact center. Using a chatbot, employees can quickly and easily familiarize themselves with the exit schedule, get information about the remaining days of vacation, request a pay sheet, order a certificate from the place of work or a copy of the work book, and inform about the sick leave.