Application Security Expert

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Key tasks:

·       Security analysis of application infrastructure and development / testing environments;

·       Formation of security requirements for the developed applications and their components;

·       Security analysis of applications developed: search, analysis, exploitation of vulnerabilities, analysis of source code, detection of abnormal / harmful behavior;

·       Implementation of application security solutions and systems;

·       Support and development of application security for large corporate clients;

·       Participation in projects, providing advice on the development of application infrastructure security;

·       Involvement in incident response and analysis in terms of application security;

·       Providing technical guidance to improve the application development process in general and individual products in particular.


Key Requirements:

·       Experience of 5 years in the field of IT / IS;

·       Knowledge of information security methods in applications;

·       Experience building a secure application and service development cycle;

·       Experience in using application systems for monitoring, scanning and analysis of IS applications and code (SAST / DAST, DPA);

·       Experience in creating IS requirements for the developed software;

·       Experience with the database;

·       Experience in using OWASP approaches.


Will be a plus

·       Knowledge of web-technologies principles and languages ​​of object-oriented programming, languages ​​C #, Javascript, Java, Python and IS risks for them;

·       Knowledge of application containerization technologies;

·       Project management experience;

·       Experience in incident response and analysis.


We offer:

·       Competitive salary with Performance-based bonus;

·       Official employment;

·       Medical insurance;

·       Corporate mobile;

·       Corporate events, including sports.

 If you are interested in career and professional growth in our company, please send your CV:


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