Introducing digital tools into the new normal. Approach of Metinvest Digital

What is the role of digital transformation in the new normality? What will the next generation work environment look like? These questions became key in the online meetup from Microsoft – Transform Your Workforce.

Oleg Bychek, Service Management Director of Metinvest Digital, spoke about our approach to the introduction of digital tools and adaptation to the "new normality".

 Some abstracts from his speech:

- Digital transformation is not just about introducing new technologies or improving technical skills. This is a new level of added value for business.

- Creating a culture of innovation is one of the biggest challenges in the process of digital transformation.

- For Metinvest Digital, the pandemic has been both a challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate IT expertise and expand the use of IT systems.

- In the process of adapting to new conditions, we focused on two areas. First, we ensured the stable operation of Metinvest Group's business functions in the conditions of the new normality, scaled the infrastructure, and provided secure remote access for thousands of employees. Second, we adapted the digitalization plans for the Group's companies and formed an updated roadmap for the development of digital architecture, taking into account the impact of new challenges.