What Ukrainian business is doing to overtake competitors: the experience of Metinvest Digital

In recent years, “digital transformation” has been the most important phrase for businesses from any industry, both in Ukraine and in the world. Companies are trying to figure out how they can become more efficient and increase business results in a world where competition is constantly growing, technologies are developing and there is no certainty in the future due to epidemics and economic trials. 

Although even if you have not heard about digital transformation, you still may have been doing it, you just did not know that it was called. In fact, the transition to remote work, the work of take-out restaurants, the launch of the delivery of goods, the connection of new payment methods are also part of the digital transformation. Read more about what it is and what opportunities it provides in this guide article on digital transformation in pressing questions and clear answers.

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Metinvest Digital: a systematic approach to digital transformation of Metinvest Group 

Metinvest Digital, as an IT business partner, focuses on an integrated approach to digital transformation project management, covering all key technological and business processes of the group: production, repairs, finance, procurement, logistics, personnel management, sales, business intelligence.

For this, the company has developed and implemented its own functional model, which includes three main areas: 

Business Engagement is responsible for interaction between Metinvest Digital and the Group's companies. These are specialists who are at the intersection of business, technology, production and project management. They deeply understand the specifics of Metinvest's production and business processes. At this level, the needs and ideas of the digitalization business was formed and evaluated, and future projects are born.

Solution Delivery is the project office that manages the implementation of all digital initiatives that come out of business from business engages. Every year he manages a portfolio of about 100 digital transformation projects. 

Internal R&D functions at the same level | Co-Innovation Center. He is responsible for the development and the possibility of using the so-called emerging technologies in various areas of the Metinvest Group's business. They test artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, process robotics, computer vision and much more, which is at the top of the hype.

Service Management accepts for maintenance and support technologies and solutions implemented by the project office in the form of ready-made IT services. At the same level, Metinvest Digital is responsible for ensuring high-quality provision of IT services, the operation of the Service Desk, information security, and infrastructure. 

For all levels of the functional model, centers of expertise for business applications, infrastructure and industrial automation are involved, in which professional knowledge and experience are concentrated. 

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