Sergiy Detyuk at Future Steel Forum: Innovation management is an integral part of effective digital business transformation

Metinvest Digital CEO Serhiy Detyuk took part in the Future Steel Forum 2020 international event, which was dedicated to discussing the impact of innovations and real cases of implementing Industry 4.0 technologies in metallurgy. By the way, according to the World Economic Forum, new technologies in the metallurgical and mining industries will create about $ 500 billion in value added by 2025. 

Sergiy Detyuk spoke about the role of innovative technologies and Metinvest Digital's approach to their testing and implementation in the framework of internal R&D | Co-Innovation Lab.

Several abstracts from his speech:

— Innovation management is an important and integral part of effective digital business transformation.

— The market does not always have ready-made IT solutions for complex production and business tasks. This was the impetus for us to create our own R&D | Co-Innovation Lab.

— R&D Metinvest Digital is an open platform for rapid hypothesis testing and prototyping. It combines internal expertise centers, vendors, developers, startups and more.

— Our focus is on testing new, so-called emerging technologies, which are heard by everyone, but not everyone understands how to apply them in practice to recoup their investment.

— All ideas go through a funnel, where they are tested, evaluated and eliminated in the process of advancing to the stage of prototype development. This allows you to focus exclusively on promising ideas.

— Our approach to innovation management in R&D allows us to quickly test hypotheses and create prototypes without significant capital investment.

— R&D Metinvest Digital is a little over a year old, but it is already becoming a powerful resource for the development of our competencies and expertise in innovative digital technologies.