The digital transformation projects of Metinvest rank among the top five in the SAP Quality Awards 2021


Metinvest Group supported by IT partner Metinvest Digital became a finalist in two nominations for the SAP Quality Awards 2021 among Central and Eastern European countries with projects for the digital transformation of continuous improvement processes, logistics and procurement management.

In the Business Transformation category, the jury highlighted the SAP Innovations Management cloud implementation project. Thanks to it, Metinvest enterprises switched to an automated system for submitting proposals and collecting ideas from employees to increase the operational efficiency of the Group's production and business processes.


Kyrylo Makarov, Director of Continuous Improvement at Metinvest Group

— The knowledge and initiative of the Group's employees are the companies’ valuable assets. By involving them in processes of continuous improvement and realizing their potential, we create a foundation for achieving strategic goals to increase the Group's operational efficiency. Automation of the proposed system on the SAP Innovation Management platform has made the process as transparent as possible. It allowed managing all stages of the initiatives’ life cycle: from submission and approval to the implementation and achievement of the declared effect. In the end, we’ve halved the processing and implementation of proposals. In addition, we increased the involvement of employees and increased both the number of offers and the economic effect, which amounted to about $10 million last year.

The top three in the Rapid Time to Value category include a project of implementation of SAP Ariba Souгcing cloud online purchasing platform. It allows conducting centralized tenders and quick auctions, fast compare suppliers' offers and attract new ones, pre-assess their qualifications, reduce routine operations, as well as significantly optimize costs.


Oleksiy Gromakov, Procurement and Logistics Director at Metinvest Group:

— Ensuring the continuity of production and business processes is directly related to the efficiency of procurement and the smooth operation of the company's supply chains. The transition to SAP Ariba's digital online purchasing platform allowed us to move to a new level of operational efficiency. We have standardized the Group's procurement process, made it transparent and convenient for employees and partners. We have also optimized the budget by 10%, which in the scale of our company reaches millions of dollars.

Metinvest Group is the only company in Ukraine whose SAP client expertise center is certified at the Advanced level. This testifies to the compliance of its IT processes with the highest world quality standards for the implementation and support of innovative SAP solutions.


Sergiy Detyuk, Chief Executive Officer at Metinvest Digital:

— Metinvest Group is one of the leaders in the digital transformation of metals and mining industry. We are proud of our unique and recognized expertise in implementing and supporting SAP innovative solutions in Ukraine as well as Central and Eastern Europe. For more than 10 years, SAP technologies have been the digital core of the Group's transformation. They help companies stay in line with market trends and new technologies. International recognition of our projects is a good compliment to the added value we create for our business together with our strategic partner.

Metinvest Group has ten years of experience in partnership with SAP. In addition, since 2020, Metinvest Digital has become a certified partner of a global technology vendor.


Maxim Matyash, Managing Director at SAP Ukraine:

— Metinvest Group, with the support of IT partner Metinvest Digital, has gained exceptional experience in implementing and using a wide range of innovative IT solutions, including SAP cloud applications. This company is one of the most innovative in Ukraine and once again receives international recognition for the rapid and successful implementation of cloud solutions SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HEC, SAP Innovation Managemen, and SAP Ariba. Becoming certified SAP service partner in 2019, Metinvest Digital is constantly improving its technology and product expertise, expanding its portfolio of solutions and presence in various industries.

It is not the first time Metinvest Group projects were awarded at the SAP Quality Awards. Thus, in 2018 the company took second place in the world with the project of production planning ‘Coal-Coke-Cast Iron’, and in 2019 received gold and silver for HR transformation projects and the largest migration to the SAP HEC Cloud in Central and Eastern Europe.


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 SAP Innovations Management – key facts:

– The economic effect of the proposals submitted by employees has tripled and reached $10 million in 2020

– The number of initiators of improvement proposals has increased 1.6 times

– The life cycle of processing and implementation of proposals has been halved from 60 to 30 days

– Labor costs to support the bidding system decreased by 60%


SAP Ariba Sourcing – key facts:

– Purchase budget savings ~ 10% / $16 million

– Reduction of time for procurement – up to 60%

– Number of users – 550 internal and more than 5 000 external

– The system has been implemented in 20 enterprises of the Group


Metinvest Digital is an IT business partner of the Metinvest Group, which specializes in the digital transformation of big businesses. The company develops, implements and maintains comprehensive IT solutions for building terrestrial and cloud infrastructure, information systems development, system integration, data migration, cybersecurity, and information security. In 2019 it became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the following year it received the partnership status of SAP Silver Partner and Micro Focus Gold Partner.

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SAP is one of the world leaders in the enterprise applications market, helping organizations of all sizes and specializations to manage their business more effectively. More than 440,000 customers use SAP solutions and services. SAP entered the Ukrainian market in 1995. The Ukrainian clients are more than 250 state organizations, as well as enterprises of the oil and gas and metallurgical sectors.

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