Metinvest Digital attends Microsoft Digital Evolution Forum

Modern business is driven by digital technologies. The speed of change they set is increasing exponentially. Many companies are talking about the need for digital transformation. However, as practice shows, not everyone can effectively manage digitalization projects. What should be the role of a leader so that digital transformation projects achieve their goals? What is the first thing you should pay attention to? Sergey Detyuk, CEO of #MetinvestDigital, spoke about this at Digital Evolution Forum.

A few points from his speech:

—“Digital transformation is not so much about the introduction of technologies but about changing the culture of the company. Among the top reasons that lead to the failure of digital change projects is underestimation of the corporate culture importance and insufficient involvement of top management in the process.”
— “Companies come to digital transformation through fiercer competition in the market, on the one hand, and through the search for new opportunities for business growth, on the other hand. About 86% of CEOs consider digital technology a top priority for business development.”
— “70% of organizational change projects fail or fail to achieve their goals. In digital transformation projects —84%. To successfully implement digital transformation projects, a modern leader needs to find the right balance between the business needs and the IT and technology capabilities.”
— “Given the growing role of digital technology, commonly known Business Development is turning into Business DIGITAL Development.”