How to effectively implement digital transformation projects?


Metinvest Digital, as an IT business partner  driving a digital transformation for all enterprises of Metinvest Group. It’s more than 40 companies in Ukraine, Europe, and America, more than 80 thousand employees, and about 800 IT systems.

Vladyslav Storchak, Director of Strategy and Processes, told how to effectively implement digital transformation projects for a company of this scale.

Some theses from his speech at the online myth "Digital transformation of business and government: cases".

– Today, the use of digital technologies is a mandatory factor of competitiveness for business.

–  In the Metinvest Group we developed our own functional model of digital transformation management: we have built a thorough process from formation of needs to their design in projects with further implementation of digital services, their operation and development to gain additional business value.

– Metinvest Digital is responsible for the entire perimeter of IT services, including comprehensive IT solutions for building technology infrastructure, information systems development, business application development, implementation of cloud technologies, data migration, system integration, industrial automation and cybersecurity.

– Innovation management is an important and integral part of effective digital business transformation. Our R&D and Co Innovation Center provides the ability to quickly test hypotheses and create prototypes without significant capital investment.

– The company cooperates with leading vendors and has a wide network of partners, to provide business with the latest solutions available on the market.

You can see our digital transformation management model in the Digital Transformation Ukraine 2020 directory: digital-transformation-ukraine-2020.pdf (