Design and support of a vulnerability and threat management system

Support of a high level of information security in an environment where dozens of new ways to bypass protection measures appear every day is becoming an urgent problem. To solve it, automated vulnerability and threat management tools will help. Metinvest Digital provides services for the implementation of a vulnerability and threat management process based on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint technology, as well as consulting on the identification and ranking of vulnerabilities detected using network scanning.


Vulnerability and Threat Management System

Vulnerability and threat management is a continuous process that includes all stages of working with vulnerabilities and threats: identification, prioritization, policy formation, updating and elimination. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a holistic, cloud-based endpoint security solution that helps prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber attacks that threaten your organization's endpoints.


Development of a continuous IT vulnerability management system to gain business benefits from a holistic approach to cyber security management:

  • To implement a system for continuous monitoring and management of vulnerabilities of IT infrastructure, IT systems and applications in real time
  • To control vulnerabilities and threats existence across the organization through real-time risk analysis: to identify, prioritize, and fix misconfigurations at endpoints
  • To prioritize IT costs to address the most critical issues
  • To reduce opportunities for external attacks by closing security gaps
  • to implement an effective process of interaction between the security service and IT for the rapid identification and elimination of vulnerabilities
  • To form dashboards that will display the state of the organization's overall cyber security from user accounts to complex information systems, corporate networks, etc.



Metinvest Digital has experience in designing vulnerability management systems using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and will help your organization:

  • Audit the current vulnerability management process
  • Рdevelop a roadmap for the implementation of a vulnerability management system
  • Implement a vulnerability management system
  • Develop support systems for "first-third" line of incident processing and support


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