Construction and maintenance of information security system

Today, information security is one of the key priorities for any organization. On the one hand, organizations must comply with various regulatory requirements and protect personal information, intellectual property, etc. from both cyber attacks and accidental data loss. On the other hand, it is necessary to adapt to the latest trends and tendencies of technology development, as well as new factors, such as remote work and active development of cloud technologies.


Information security system

Information security systems are integrated technologies and processes that help manage and protect data in various systems, both cloud and on-premice.


Development of an integrated information security system will allow your organization to bring this process to a whole new level:

  • To form a clear categorization of critical information and approaches to its storage and protection
  • To ensure the storage of critical data in accordance with the highest standards of information and cyber security
  • To create and implement a system to prevent possible leaks of confidential and critical data
  • To automate the process of updating critical and deleting unnecessary data



Metinvest Digital has experience in information security systems design and will help your organization:

  • Audit the current state of protection of confidential and critical information
  • Conduct an inventory of critical data, as well as to assess the risks of protection of such data
  • Develop a roadmap for building an integrated information security system
  • Provide comprehensive support, assistance and consulting for the information security lifecycle
  • Develop clear processes for protecting critical information
  • Implement a turnkey protection system, as well as its further support and event processing


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